Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A Fresh Start

 Fresh Blooms!
 After a slow coming Spring
branches are now overflowing with
A fresh new start!
Flowers in bloom, birds in song &
I received an early Mother's Day gift
from my family!
My new TOY is the Ipad mini!
am I  now getting techy !!
(thanks to Apple .com for the picture)
~~ giggles and smiles ~~


Naturegirl said...

Hello friends!
My dear hubby cut tree branches for me to force indoors and Wholla..they are in full bloom so I took them outside for the photo shoot! Every tree around me has leafed out and all the flowering trees in full bloom! Happy, happy that Spring is finally here!
Man it was long time coming!

Annie said...

Nice toy! And the blossoms - those are on cut tree limbs??? I'm impressed.

JC said...

Everything is green or in color in my woods. I just got done doing some planters in the back and down my front driveway.

You are getting all tech aren't you. Me, I have a phone that I don't really use.

How was you vacation ?


Pamela Gordon said...

Oh how fun! You will love it I'm sure. Everything is coming into bloom here after 13 days of sunny warm temperatures. Much needed rain for the next four days though. Enjoy your new toy and spring! Pam

Arija said...

Bully for you to get such a nice toy and spring to boot! OK technocrat, go for it. My daughter takes all the photos for her books on her iPhone and gets terrific results. Love your edge blurring.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful flowers. Enjoy that iPad.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/From Harvest To Table said...

The blooms are beautiful! Have fun with your new toy!

Wendy said...

Spring has turned into summer here! Blooms are everywhere -and it's nice and hot!
Wow - I still have the old-fashioned flip-up phone. Don't have an iPad, ipod or anything else.
Have fun!

Carolina said...

♡✿♡ ♡✿♡ ♡✿♡ beautiful blossoms, enjoy springtime and have a great weekend! ♡✿♡ ♡✿♡ ♡✿♡