Monday, April 29, 2013

Radiant Spring

 "We are here to love each other, serve each other,
and uplift each other."
I've returned from my short trip to Tampa Florida.
Hubby played in a "old timer hockey" 
National tournament, 60+ division.
I accompanied him as a cheerleader, and managed to
 get in some shopping between games!
We Canadians LoVe to shop in the states!
*P.S. the boys came in second place, they lost in overtime. 
my full figured girl who is on a diet
 I'm happy to be back home!
Spring has finally arrived with all its possibilities! 
 The cats ignored me for a short time.
"Get over it girls, I'm home now!!"
The Truth
Both cats had a rough time upon arriving home
from Arizona last year. The reason why I
chose to stay home this past winter.
Many of you wondered why but *I was not ready to share.
Those of you that follow my blog know that Babie was diagnosed
with Bladder Stones which were removed and now
we closely monitor her; making sure she is drinking enough
 because her body produces these stones. She has had
a followup X-Ray in March checking for recurrence
and I am HaPPY  there are no crystals forming! 
Getting weight off her is the biggest challenge.
She's fed  twice daily..1/2 cup in total. Indoors cats really enjoy
napping so I am trying various stimulants to keep her moving about..she can't resist the moving dot of the laser light!  
 We  place Paisley's food on a counter so Ms. Piggy Babie can't reach
*Babie NOT as agile as Paisley.
 Ms. Paisley
my sweet shrinking violet
Oh boy where do I begin. The main reason
why I chose not to travel to Arizona this winter.
I felt it necessary to keep her from stressful situations
and 5 day road trips and hotel overnighters had
to be avoided for her sake.
She is 14 yrs. & in April of last yr. with extensive blood work
and full examination was diagnosed with
Inflammatory Bowel disease and Pancreates.
Symptoms: She was throwing up frequently with diarrhea wasn't
eating much and lost a tremedous amount of weight .
 I decided no XRays or ultrasounds. I would allow her
to heal with a few interventions of meds and Vit B12 shots.
  In December  after a check in, Vet informed me
Ms. Paisley had days not months left to live!!  
You can well imagine how these words resonated with me!
I froze for a moment, I reflected on her life with me all these
years! We shared so much family history,
so much sorrow, and so many good times together!
As pet owners you know we are never ready to say goodbye
to our fur babies!
"You must know that you can swim through
every tide and change of time."
The first few days after hearing this news I was
devastated with overwhelming emotions of sadness.
I'm sure Paisley picked up on this hopeless energy so I decided
 to deal with her illness with the same positive approach when
I dealt with my 2 cancer battles and WON!
I would keep my mind clear on the now, enjoy my time with her,
keep my emotions cocooned, and focus on
I  allow her to lead the way..animals have a
special sense.
I imagined myself in her place and together we figured out
what made her feel better.
I stopped giving her one of the meds which 
stressed her out .. she's not one for taking pills orally
*give her 1 Tbsp. of canned Tuna (packed in water)
 with a bit of Vit. E.
 *dry kibble (extra calorie formula)
*a probiotic capsule (contents only mixed w/ butter)
*Vit. B12 shot monthly
With so much weight loss; ( see in photo above)
I have sheepskin rugs and an UGG throw to keep her warm.
Radiant Spring has arrived and Paisley has no diarrhea,
throws up once in a while (most cats spit up fur balls)
 Very active, engaging, eating and feeling so much better!
The Vet is absolutely shocked with this turnaround!
Paisley is now my shrinking violet but don't humans
 do the same as we age?
I feel blessed and thankful for every day I have with her!
She feels better and so do I!!
=^.^=  Purr-Zzz  =^.^=
Naturegirl and the girls


A Garden of Threads said...

Hello dear friend, I am thrilled to hear how well Ms. Paisley is doing. You had the right idea, 'All right, You lead, I'll follow...and 'Everything is going to turn out all right'. Blessed be. Jen xo

Pamela Gordon said...

Welcome home! I am glad you had a nice vacation but was sorry to hear of Ms. Paisley's illness. It's wonderful that she is doing so much better now with your love and care. All the best to you and Ms. Paisley.

gma said...

Your fur babies are so lucky to have you enjoying,loving and caring for them. Bet they want to live forever.
Our winter was not as dry and dusty as last year thankfully. Glad you had fun in Fla.

Annie said...

Mr. Paisley makes me think of our long ago Smudge kitty. She was 19 1/2 when we lost her. She was very, very shy but in her last year she emerged from her primary human's room and spent more time with us. It was like as her little body shrunk, her personality blossomed. She saved the best of herself for the last. I'm so happy Mr. Paisley has recovered. Your love really was the best medicine.

stadtgarten said...

Dear Anna, I am so glad to hear that Ms. Paisley is better now!
Finally spring has arrived after such a long winter in your and in my country!
Here it is still a little bit colder that normally this time of the year, but flowers are finally blooming and we hope for better weather the next days.
Hugs, Monika

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

What a lovely and moving story. I am deathly allergic to cats so we have never had one but I can understand that they are your family and as family you want to look after them with love and kindness. I can see that your love has made the difference to your sweet kitty. Valerie

Rose said...

I'm so happy Paisley is doing so much better! She was lucky to have such a caring and positive Mom to help her through this.

I'm not sure any of my cats would be happy with just a 1/2 cup of food a day:) The only thing that keeps them from becoming tubby little furballs is that they get to go outside for awhile each day to get some exercise.

Naturegirl said...

Friends, a mom we will do anything for her children.When they hurt we hurt. The same when one has a beloved fur Baby. Pets give us unconditional love and depend on us particularly indoor pets. I believe that at times medicine is worse than the illness itself.I felt with Paisley I would try a more "natural" approach to healing.
Medications to enhance her appetite and control nausea just made her feel worse. She would throw it up shortly after I forced it down her throat! I stopped this
and decided she is stressing out too much over a pill.
Every time I ate tuna she was right there meowing for some so I started giving her a serving every day for extra protein.Vet insisted I must add cat kibble so she could get balanced nutrients that she requires. I know Vit. E heals tissue so I added a squeeze of it to her tuna.Probiotics is good for healhy human intestinal tract so why not with animals. With discussion with Vet. she agreed but I had to buy it from her.I still wonder if I could give her the same probiotic I take daily.
I believe God gives us our pets for a short time to love and take care of until he calls them back home.In return we get unconditional love,faithful companions, and a friend for life.
So I don't count days or years with my Paisley I make each day count!
I appreciate each one of your comments dear friends.It's clear that you understand the love between pets and their owner.
love and light to you Anna xo

Deb said...

Anna - what an amazing story! So happy to hear that Paisley is doing so much better. Kate's cat Douggie recently had emergency surgery & thankfully all is well (it was not the dreaded C word)!!! There is nothing we will not do for our beloved faithful companions ♥

Anonymous said...

Ms. Paisley is so fortunate to have you as her human mother. I know your love and sheer determination is what has returned her to good health. I know you would say Paisley has done the same for you. Here's hoping that you will have lots more time with your furry child. As for Babie, good luck cause we know babie loves her food (and paisley's too lol). I'm sure once the good weather comes she will enjoy frolicking in the garden and chasing butterflies. Hugs, twt.

tina said...

I'm so glad for your kitty's renewed health. It is SO hard losing our fur babies for sure. It never ever gets easier either. She is lucky to have such a kind and caring friend who gives her a great life.

Joe Todd said...

Enjoyed the post.. and your header just shouts Spring... Yea

Skeeter said...

You have two beautiful kittys and you are a wonderful mommy to sacrifice for your fur babys.

The Saint and I have two Black Beauties as well. Since we never had human children, Sheba and Cheetah are our children. We keep them in mind with pretty much every decision made in this house! Our Fur Baby's give us so much in life and value every minute we have with them as we know they will not be with us forever.

We are lucky to have a wonderful next door neighbor as a pet sitter. She tends to our girls while we are away and in return, we tend to her horse's, cats and dog. I don't trust easily so having an animal lover living next door is wonderful. She feels the same way about us. We can take little weekend getaways with no worrys about our girls.

Our Skeeter kitty of 16 years would go on vacations with us for many years. I did not have anyone I could trust as a sitter so he would go with us or we would pass on vacation. The Saint even passed on a job opportunity in England as we would not take kindly to having our baby in a quarantine situation! Yep, we love our fur balls....

Kea said...

Thanks for stopping by Fuzzy Tales, not sure how you found us. But it's nice to "meet" another Canadian blogger. :-)

Well done to you re: Ms. Paisley. I don't have a lot of faith or trust in vets, for reasons I won't go into, and for chronic conditions I prefer to go a natural/holistic route. I actually have Derry on a homeopathic remedy for his idiopathic cystitis, get the product from a US on-line retailer, The product is UTI-Free and so far (knock on wood) it's been a blessing. He had 2 bouts of stress-related cystitis and my vet would have had him drugged up on a human antidepressant long ago.

Anyway, too much info--just my rambling on when all I want to say, really, is how delighted I am to read that Ms. Paisley is doing so well, and never mind the vet. LOL.

-The human from Fuzzy Tales

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hello - we are delighted to make new furrends and a human friend. We are so happy that Ms. Paisley is doing well with your special care. I see you have also contacted Kea (from Canada) we "met" her through our cat blog. We had a very hard winter this year but it is so nice now to see the sun again and not to have to dig our way out with 2091 layers of clothing on!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

A Creative Harbor said...

Adorable photos and sending lots of healing energy to you all ~ be well ~ Furpersons are so precious ~ lots of hugs too!

Thanks for your lovely comments ^_^

CATachresis said...

The story about Mr Paisley is so encouraging. You must be so happy that you did the right thing for him. Nice to meet you and thank you for coming by to say happy birthday to Austin. xx

sweetbay said...

That's great that Paisley is doing so much better!

Wendy said...

Welcome back! You're right - we Canadians love to shop in Florida!!!

Your tulips look lovely and yes - spring has arrived. Actually it feels like summer today - 25 degrees!!

So glad Ms. Paisley is better. Sending lots of hugs, Anna.

Carolina said...

Precioso post!

…….(¨`•.•´¨)…..….l | /
(¨`•.•´¨).¸.•´—— (ړײ) —
.`•.¸.(¨`•.•´¨)….… / | l
………..Splendida giornata!!

Cat said...

Yay for Miss Paisley!

judie said...

Anna, I think you just might have some healing powers, I really do. Not only for yourself but for those around you as well, animal or otherwise.

I wish I had known you were in Tampa but glad you had a good time. Too bad hubby lost, but oh well, it was for the fun of it anyway.

Judy said...

No one lives forever, but cats and dogs are with us for such a short time!!! I am so glad that she is doing well!!! Love makes a difference!!!

Lady Luz(Pamela) said...

Dearest Anna. I stopped by after a huge gap and read your moving story about Ms Paisley. Am so happy for you.

As always, it's a tonic to visit you, read your "pearls" and admire your photography.


Jeanie said...

Oh, my -- well, I have been thinking of you so often these past weeks and now I know why. Your dear ones. I'm so very, very happy to know she is improving; I remember having a timeline for Gypsy and it sets your heart in your throat. I think your strategy of good energy is the right one and I'm trying very hard to incorporate that into my newly diagnosed illness. (I will do chemo soon -- once I'm over the shingles).

They are our children and I'm so very glad you put them first and avoided a long road trip. Better for them and better for you to all be together without that stress. (And to see your new world in winter!).

My heart goes out to you for continued miracle stories for Ms. Paisley and vigilence with Babie.

sending Hugs,

Old Kitty said...

Hello lovely Naturegirl!! And hello too to your adorable Babie and Ms Paisley!!

We are so happy to read about Ms Paisley's miracle!! What a shock to be told she only has days to live. We are so sorry you had to go through that but you and Ms Paisley are fabulous fierce survivors and you've conquered and triumphed!! Yay!!! Onwards and upwards!

Take care

Pearl Maple said...

Happy - Happy - Happy Spring to you and the family and the little furry friends
It is amazing how the body can heal given the right conditions, have fun enjoying the delights of the season