Tuesday, April 16, 2013

At The Beach

 I'm  in Florida!
Taking a break from blogging for a week!
love and light
naturegirl  sunshine girl!


JC said...

I am so jealous.
Where ? Why ?

Have Fun .. who am I kidding. Of course you will.


Naturegirl said...

Hubby plays old timer hockey and is in a tournament in Tampa. I am going for some sunshine and R&R and oh yes as a "stick chick"!
Have live-in house sitters looking after the fur babies.

gma said...

I am really happy for you. ENJOY!

Pamela Gordon said...

Lucky you! Have a wonderful time. I hear it's hot there now. Hugs, Pamela

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, "Whah". That's self pity as we weather another dark, wet, gloomy, cold day here in the GTA. Bring some sunshine back with you miss Anna. Have a great time. Jealous twt

stadtgarten said...

Have a good time and enjoy the sunshine!
Hugs, Monika

Wendy said...

Have a wonderful time and bring us back some sunshine. LOL!
Sending hugs

Annie said...

A sandy beach sounds wonderful just about now.

Judy said...

Come back refreshed!!!

Lynda Naranjo said...

Enjoy the sunshine! xoxo

judie said...

WHAT beach?? Are you HERE?? When I first read this I thought you were back down south, at Sebastian or somewhere. But then I read Tampa. The only beach near Tampa is HERE!!! Where are you Ms. Anna?