Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Heart Connection

"We do not see Nature with our eyes..
but with our understandings and our heart."
William Hazlit
You know those days when you are looking for
opportunities for a photo shoot, and you catch a glimpse of
something that tears at your heart.
Today is one of those days, my new found friend.
Standing in a snow mud filled fenced field
soaking wet from the recent snow fall.
Slowly we approached one another and instantly
a heart connection made.
What was going through my mind was the fact that in March
the Ontario Lotteries & Gaming Commission (OLG) announced its intention to withdraw from existing revenue sharing agreements with the 17 racetracks throughout Ontario. There was a lot of talk about the adverse affects not only for the internal racing sector but also the horses, breeders, veterinarians, feed suppliers, etc
As a result prized horses , ones that have WON races
are being  sold to U.S. buyers with hopes of getting good homes
and care while other horses are
shipped to livestock exchange centres and sold  to meat buyers!!
My heart aches as I stare into his eyes..
for now my New Found Friend ..
but tomorrow..
what is it's destiny??


JC said...

I grew up taking care of my Dad's horses. They are wonderful and treated so poorly. How sad ...

Bettyann said...

How we treat God's creatures is a crying shame......take cae.

Pamela Gordon said...

This makes me very sad and angry. I hope this beauty finds a new and good home. Hugs, Pamela

Judy said...

Let's hope this is someone's riding horse, and not a racer!! I love his colouring!!

Carolyn said...

He is beautiful and I hope he gets a good home.It is so sad for those who don't.

Take care,

Jeanne said...

Awwwwww this post made my heart melt. I too look at every horse and wonder what is next for them.
How sad indeed.

...........it's a sad terrible thing...........
God bless all the animals in need.

*Sheila* said...

I share your feelings Anna.
My sister owned a stable of trotters and pacers and raced for many years. Fortunately she retired from it some time ago, and is not left in the sad position of having to deal with horses no longer useful or wanted.
She has one left that she uses a as a saddle horse for riding.
You would think with all the money OLG makes they would wind this business down gradually and help make the fate of these beautiful animals a little less uncertain.

eileeninmd said...

Oh no, that is awful! I hope they are stopped! What a beautiful horse and I love your photo.

Rose said...

Such a beautiful creature--I hope all of the racehorses find good homes. I sometimes wonder if politicians and officials think about the consequences of the actions they take--the uncertain fates of all these animals makes me so sad.

sensiblegardening said...

I've never understood why man thinks other animals are on earth to provide him with entertainment. Do these people ever look their animals in the eyes??

Suz said...

I recently read that Obama lifted the ban on selling horses to mexico for slaughter...vicious slaughter